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World Holstein Friesian Federation
The objective of the Federation is to improve, develop and promote the Holstein Breed
WHFF News Updated 07/09/22
2021 WHFF Annual Statistics- updated 07/09/22 (this will download an excel file onto your computer)

WHFF Type Harmonisation Workshop 20 - 22 September 2022 in Morges , Switzerland. View more details here

Council Recommendation (October 2021) - WHFF to be proactive and initiate discussion with ICAR around inclusivity of production and sensor data, to have a mechanism for labelling the data as certified or non-certified data, so as to give direction to herd book members.

A new 'Inclusivity of more Production Data' Task Force has been created to look at this matter with urgency.

WHFF Genomic Survey - view here
The German total merit index RZG gets a make-over. View more here
The WHFF Council have appointed Cherilyn Watson (New Zealand) as President, and László Bognár (Hungary) as Vice President. Press release here.
Spring 2021 Newsletter
Report of the background and conclusions from the WHFF 15th General Assembly virtual voting by the WHFF Membership here
IHFA Champion Cow of the Decade - read more here
WHFF and ICAR have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). WHFF agrees to collaborate with ICAR to further the harmonisation of recording / registration guidelines among the individual country members of WHFF. More details  here.
World Holstein Population Trend Analysis - view here
World Inbreeding Trend in Holsteins - Presentation by Egbert Feddersen- view here  Trend Analysis here
Updated Zoo-Technical European Certificates here
Press Release | De Rith Nora 265 produces 200,000 kg of milk here
2020 Type Harmonisation Report and Recommendations now available in the Documents Section



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