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Genetic traits

Genetic traits News update

Genetic Traits and Carrier Codes

C = carrier
F = tested free or non-carrier



Procedure for reporting new genetic traits
WHFF New Genetic Trait Reporting Process



Gene Name Description Gene and Expression Code
BLAD Bovine Leukocyte Adhesion Deficiency (deficiency of a normally occurring protein needed for white blood cells or leukocytes, which are body’s infection fighters) BLC = tested carrier of BLAD
BLF = tested non-carrier of BLAD
Mule foot Mule-Foot (toes of foot are joined, giving animal a single hoof, instead of cloven ones) MFC = tested carrier of Mule foot
MFF = tested non-carrier of Mule foot
DUMPS Deficiency of Uridine Monophosphate Synthase (one of many enzymes contributing to normal metabolic processes) DPC = tested carrier of DUMPS
DPF = tested non-carrier of DUMPS
CVM Complex Vertebral Malformation (causes still-born calves, abortions, and early embryonic losses) CVC = tested carrier of CVM
CVF = tested non-carrier of CVM
Factor X1 Factor X1 (blood clotting disorder) XIC = tested carrier of Factor X1
XIF = tested non-carrier of Factor X1
CIT Citrullinemia (accumulation of ammonia and other toxics in blood in baby calves) CNC = tested carrier of Citrullinemia
CNF = tested non-carrier of Citrullinemia
Brachyspina Brachyspina (causes abortion and stillborn, shortened spinal cord, long legs and abnormal organs) BYC = tested carrier of Brachyspina
BYF – tested non-carrier of Brachyspina
Polled Animals without horns (reported born hornless- - Not Tested). POR = code
Polled (Current- Indirect Test) Indirect Test POS = tested true polled (homozygous PP)
POC = tested carrier of polled (heterozygous Pp)
POF = tested free of polled
Polled (Future) When a direct test becomes available. Direct test code will "trump" test code on animal record Further Information Click Here
Cholesterol Deficiency Cholesterol Deficiency CDF = tested non-carrier / free of cholesterol deficiency
CDC = tested carrier of cholesterol deficiency (heterozygous)
CDS = tested true carrier of cholesterol deficiency (homozygous)



Coat Colour Carrier Gene Description Gene and Expression Code
Red Red gene RDC = carrier of red gene
RDF = tested non-carrier of red gene
Red Variant Red gene VRR = not tested/determined by lineage
VRS = tested true (homozygous)
VRC = VRC =tested carrier (heterozygous)
VRF = tested free
Black/Red Black/red gene BRC = carrier of black / red gene
Black Black gene BKC = carrier of black gene


Updated 01/01/2016