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Genetic traits

Genetic traits News update

Updated 11/09/2020

  • The WHFF Council have been working with INTERBULL to create an exchange mechanism for Holstein Friesian Genetic Traits.This service is now available: the brochure here contains further details on this new service. The Interbull Centre’s database (IDEA) for the collection of animal trait information (‘AnimInfo’) has been expanded to facilitate the collection of the WHFF genetic trait information. Although the genetic traits information may originate within WHFF member organisations, this information will be uploaded to AnimInfo by Interbull Service Users/National Genetic Evaluation Centres used by the WHFF membership. It is not uploaded directly by WHFF members.If you wish to participate in this important exchange of data, please contact your National Genetic Evaluation Centres to discuss this new service. They will contact INTERBULL and set up the exchange.
  • WHFF Standardize Labelling of Genetic Trait Coding 2019- EN
  • Link to ICAR Disease Booklet (note that for conditions known to exist in the Holstein Breed, the official list of traits is available below.)  WHFF do not endorse genetic traits where the precise genotyping test is not made publically available.

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