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The past presidents, vice presidents and secretary general of the World Holstein Friesian Federation.

President Vice President Secretary General
20/3/21 to the 2024 WHFF GA Cherilyn Watson László Bognár Suzanne Harding
27/3/20 to 20/3/21 (No AGM due to Covid19 pandemic) Jos Buiting Cherilyn Watson and László Bognár Suzanne Harding
After 2016 WHFF GA Jos Buiting Ann Louise Carson Suzanne Harding
After 2012 WHFF GA Matthew Shaffer Jos Buiting David Hewitt
After 2008 WHFF GA Egbert Feddesen Matthew Shaffer David Hewitt
Chair Vice Chair
After 2004 WHFF GA Keith Flaman Jan Dommerholt Mathieu Meers
After 2000 WHFF GA Keith Flaman Gerry du Preez Mathieu Meers
After 1996 WHFF GA Steve Kerr Gerald Boyd-Clark Mathieu Meers
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